All the supplies you need to run a Design Sprint

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The Sprint book
This is self-serving but true: the more people on your team who have read the book, the easier your sprint will go. 

Time Timers
You need at least one 60 minute Time Timer, but also consider getting:

  • A 20 minute timer for tracking shorter activities, and/or...

  • A 120 minute timer for tracking time between breaks.

You will want (ideally) two whiteboards. This particular model is pricey but high quality—it doesn't shake too much when you write on it, which is a big deal. If you can't get whiteboards, consider:

Black Whiteboard Markers
You'll use these on the whiteboards and for exercises on paper. Using a thicker marker will keep your ideas pithy and easy for others to read. Chisel tip is best. Get 12 markers.

Yellow Sticky Notes, 3 x 5 inch
Use plain yellow (the colorful ones just add unnecessary cognitive load). You'll want about 2 pads per person in your sprint.

Paper Mate Flair black pens
These are our pens of choice for sketching. Avoid super-thin pens that encourage tiny writing. Get 12 pens.

Plain copy paper
For sketching. Get 100 sheets, letter size or A4.

Masking tape
For posting solution sketches on the wall. Get at least one roll.

1/4" dot stickers
You'll use these for heat maps. Get a few hundred stickers (one box of ChromaLabel dots has 1,000 stickers).

3/4" dot stickers
You'll use these for voting. Get a few dozen stickers (one box of ChromaLabel dots has 1,000 stickers).

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Healthy snacks
Eat healthy snacks during your sprint. Apples, bananas, yogurt, nuts, and dark chocolate. Get more than enough for everybody. Sugary foods and big burritos will make everyone sluggish by afternoon, so opt for healthy.

KIND bars
These are nice to have on hand. They make good treats in a sprint—they're healthy enough, easy to eat, and easy to find.