Everything you need to run a sprint.


Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days — The book includes behind-the-scenes stories and hour-by-hour detailed instructions for running your sprint. 

Sprint Checklists — They’re in the book, but you might want to download this PDF and print a few copies to have in your sprint. 

Sprint Supply Shopping List — Here’s a handy list you can use to buy the essential sprint supplies and have them shipped to your office (or just order this Sprint Kit, bundled by an intrepid Sprint reader).

Monday Morning Slide Deck — Use these slides to kick off your sprint on Monday morning. (Available as PDF, Keynote, and PowerPoint.)

Audiobook materials — For the parts you really have to see.



Marvel — We like Marvel because you can create screens in your favorite tool, then import them to Marvel and add hotspots, transitions, video, and much more. The result is a realistic prototype you can open in a web browser or mobile device.

InVision — In addition to prototyping tools, InVision has a suite of features for design collaboration, project management, and presentation. 

Keynote — This is a great (if unusual) way to make realistic façades of apps, websites, marketing, and tons of other things. We’ve even used it for medical reports! It's free for Mac users.

Keynotopia — These templates for Keynote and PowerPoint contain dozens of components (things like buttons, icons, and even whole screens) you can copy and paste into your prototype. 



Video: The Five-Act Interview — Watch GV Research Partner Michael Margolis conduct a customer interview at our office in San Francisco.

GV Research Sprint Guide — Detailed step-by-step guide to running your own customer test, with loads of examples, tips, and downloadable resources.

Customer Screening Worksheet — This document will help you figure out who you’re recruiting, and how to find them.

Example Customer Screener — Sample of the form you’ll create to screen potential customer participants for Friday’s test.

Example Craigslist Ad — We often use Craigslist to recruit customers. Here’s a sample ad you can post on Craigslist in your city.