Ready to sprint? Great!

We’re excited you want to run a sprint, and we want to help. That’s why we made Sprint Bot—it’s just like us, only smarter and more reliable, always on time, with a better memory.

If you don’t have it already, be sure to get the book. It contains everything we know about sprints. We wrote it after running 100+ sprints with companies like Slack, Nest, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Here’s how Sprint Bot works:

  1. Select a start date for your sprint. We recommend starting on a Monday. If that’s not possible, pick five consecutive weekdays that work for your team. (Sprint Bot takes weekends off.)
  2. Sign up below with your name, start date, and a few other details about your sprint.
  3. You’ll receive a welcome email, and then a how-to email about setting the stage for your sprint.
  4. We’ll send you an email every weekday for the five days of your sprint. Each day you’ll get a detailed checklist and video about the upcoming sprint exercises.

If you have questions or feedback, just tweet us at @GVdesignteam. Good luck and keep in touch!

Sign up here for Sprint Bot:

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What's the start date of your sprint?